07.09.10 Feedback
Contact us now you can through our feedback form. Appropriate section is added to the menu. Expose not only their own notes, comments and feedback, and suggestions for improving the site! We look forward to new ideas and trends!

01.09.10 Knowledge Day
Administration Site Dumayu.ru «congratulates all the students and their parents on the Day of Knowledge, and all users with a new business and entertainment season. In the new season from us — new stories and reflections, observations on life, interesting facts and notes! Can also leave comments on our site, and their views — they are very important to us! Stay with us.

16.08.10 Making
We decided that the text corresponded to any picture. And read the interesting and beautiful eye pleasing. Now a one-two in the new records will be relevant drawings. Pictures will be chosen, more or less relevant topic. These images are copyright and unique. Presented as simply pictures and drawings, as well as personal photographs of the author’s blog.

12.08.10 Downtimes
The site was hacking, resulting in the site was unavailable for 2 days. The site is fully restored, working in the former regime.

01.07.10 New design
On our website re-designed. We hope you enjoy it. Design will continue to improve. Accepted and your suggestions about improving the appearance of a blog, how would you like to see him? What are the disadvantages of present?

26.01.10 Launching Site
Dear visitors! Now opened our site dedicated to thinking about what was happening, love, feelings and experiences — about life in general and the private sector. This blog is based on personal observations and records from the diaries, it covers just some of the social and political issues. Join us, read, comment, discuss! Or maybe you have something specific you want to see on our site? We are happy to consider your original ideas!

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